Occidental Leather's Worldwide Manufacturing Headquarters

Sonoma County, CA • USA

Compare any other tool belt to an Occidental system. Instantly, you'll see and feel the difference. At Occidental Leather®, we use only the best, extra-thick, water-repellent leathers available. With 29 years of field tested designs, you can be assured that you're purchasing the most unique and hardest-working tool systems in the business. Since 1980, Occidental has set the quality standard in the tool belt industry - and has earned the reputation of having no equal. This is how we do it!

Design & Function

There was a time when form and function were inseparable. Today, these qualities rarely coexist in manufactured products. The Occidental Leather® tool belts are a notable exception. Combining 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century manufacturing techniques has resulted in exceptionally high quality tool holders and bags noted for their durability and efficient design. tool-bag-construction


Occidental’s research and development department has built an “A” team of quality vendors who custom make our materials for us. Occidental insists on manufacturing our products from materials made in the United States. Our stringent specifications are evident in our extra thick leathers, industrial fabrics, and hardware.


Occidental sells only to quality building suppliers and hardware retailers. We do not sell to Big Box stores.



We love what we do and it shows! The Occidental Leather® design studio and production facility is located in Sonoma County, CA. We provide our employees with a full benefit package and a quality work environment. Many of our employees have been with us over 20 years.

Each product is the result of Occidental's unrelenting commitment to quality and design excellence. Proving itself a wise investment for many years to come. Once you discover the Occidental Difference, you'll know we design and build the hardest-working tool systems and accessories in the world.

From All of Us at Occidental • Thank You for Your Support!

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