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Belt Free Systems

Tool Carry Systems

Belt-Free™ Comfort and Tool Vest Organization

Belt-Free™ is a shoulder worn method of carrying tools and fasteners that provides even load distribution, and does not use a tool belt. The average load of the professional carpenter is 20 to 25 lbs. and the alternative to the lower back and hip pain from carrying this weight is a Belt-Free™ system. A system designed to rest on the shoulders and distribute weight evenly throughout the torso instead of directly on the lower back and hips.

  • Builders' Vest™

    Compact vest tool carrying system, loaded with tool holders and pockets. Can be worn as an independent vest tool carry system or with optional clip-on bags.

  • Work Vest

    Compact vest tool carrying system, loaded with tool holders and pockets.

  • SuspendaVest™ Series

    The SuspendaVest™ may be used in multiple applications; framing, electrical, concrete, trim; the possibilities are endless! There\''s more! The SuspendaVest™ Tool Vest is fully adjustable and it has extra pockets behind the tool holders for hands and gloves.

  • Oxy Tool Chest™

    The ToolChest™ is an effective, comfortable tool vest system with the most organization and capacity in the industry.

  • Stronghold® Beltless™ Series

    The Stronghold® Beltless Systems are built on the solid foundation of our Stronghold® Suspension System. We have combined the unrivaled comfort, stability, and load distribution of the of suspension system with the innovative Full Fist™ bag design.

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