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Stronghold® Bags

Tool Carry Systems

Stronghold bags made in the USA since 1980. Wherever you're headed you need a bag capable of surviving. The source for handsome, heritage quality bags.

Each bag designed and executed by skilled craftsmen, combining the best domestic leathers and materials in a collection of rugged, classic designs.

Flexibility, versatility, ingenuity, integrity. Qualities required for survival on the mean streets as well as Wall Street. The bag you carry is much more then something to "stuff" your possessions into, It becomes you.

If you're a frequent traveler of the mean streets of the world and need a durable bag, take a look at our collection.

  • Workman's series

    A collection of rugged bags in a variety of materials, rooted in functional designs. Suited for tradesman and popular with outdoorsman, photographers, bush pilots Etc.