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5006 - Hip Pads with Sheepskin

Thick-pile, sheepskin lined leather hip pads slide on belt under tool bags. Slightly lighter weight than our full belt liner (5005).

No leading edge to cut into your side or restrict circulation. Constructed of thick harness leather lined with .75”+ thick wool pads.

We incorporate a natural sheepskin to provide maximum comfort. Slots accept all tool belts up to 3” wide. Requires 1-2” extra belt length.

Dimensions of hip area between belt slots: 10” x 6”

Made in the USA

Alert: 9008 Hip Buddies® & 5006 Hip Pads with Sheepskin does not accomodate the 5525 Big Oxy™ Fastener Bag & B5611 Green Building™ Fastener Bag - In Black